“Isaacson’s interpretation was superb. I have not heard it done better.”

— The Portland Press Herald

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“Word of mouth was that something special was about to occur, and the rumors were correct. Director Emily Isaacson has made every program by the Chorale an outstanding event”

— Maine Today

Anyone who doubts the popularity of classical music should have tried to get a seat.
— The Portland Press Herald

“The performance of the requiem by the Oratorio Chorale, under the direction of Emily Isaacson, was one of the most moving musical events of the decade.”

 — Portland Press Herald

“Awesome in the most literal sense of the word.”

— Times Record

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“Brilliantly passionate conductor Emily Isaacson….(is) poised to bring a wave of classical music to the Northeast that will rival big cities in the region. (Oratorio Chorale) is a group to keep your eye on. I’m lucky to have gotten on at the ground floor, it’s an amazing relationship that I will nurture for years to come.”

— Grammy Winner Dashon Burton

The music…sparkled.
— The New Maine Times

“After the final note, and a long standing ovation, the audience didn’t want to go home.” — Maine Classical Beat

“The Oratorio Chorale under Emily Isaacson…as enough to make one want to go to church every Sunday in the year. Pure joy.” 

— Maine Classical Beat

“The Oratorio Chorale is fast becoming the most sought-after ticket in the Mid-coast.”

— The Times Record


“In 2013 it was the piano that took center stage. In 2014 it was the chorus, with two magnificent renderings by the Oratorio Chorale under Emily Isaacson. The revival of the Chorale, in 2013 and 2014, is one of the more remarkable Maine musical events of recent times.”

— The Portland Press Herald