What People Are Saying about What Binds Us Together

This was the best event the Temple has done in 30 years.
— Congregant
This program needed to be presented - help open minds and spirits - with the opportunity of finding strength and healing through music.
— Audience Member
This performance was alive and full of hot crazy heart — exactly what real art is supposed to be.
— Audience Member
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Moved to tears
— Audience Member
Such a beautiful program
— Temple President
An amazing program for our synagogue
— Congregant
Thought provoking & engaging
— Audience Member
Dr. Emily Isaacson is an excellent presenter who skillfully communicates her wealth of knowledge and scholarship, and connects well with her audience. Her nuanced presentation of the complex and multi-layered interpretations of the biblical Binding of Isaac story in art and music is accessible and enlightening.

Emily’s ability to engage audiences of different backgrounds and ages is clearly informed by her extensive conducting experience, and she is delightful to work with. I recommend Dr. Isaacson most highly!
— Deena Schoenfeld, Director of Programming, Jewish Community Alliance of Souther Maine
Emily is a dynamic, thoughtful, and knowledgeable presenter.  Her excitement and insight became a positive part of the congregation’s experience of the day…and beyond. 
— Temple Board Member
An exceptional program...stirring and beautiful execution.
— John Peck, poet, winner of Prix de Rome
So exciting to have a unique and non-traditional way to engage with the stories and to hear beautiful music in our sanctuary
— Daniel Heinrich, Assistant Director, Temple Beth El
I respect those who are trying new things in what can be a rather boring arena of tradition and pretension. I found it refreshing and hopeful.
— Audience Member
I’m deeply glad I saw this. My two dear friends went with me, and —trust me, they’re worldly-wise and sophisticated to a fault — they were moved to tears.
— Audience Member
The innovation, energy, and imagination that went into combining these disparate elements into a coherent, meaningful work of art were pretty great.
— Audience Member
It is a fascinating subject which binds music, art and history to Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  Emily’s dynamic presentation, though, gave new life to the story we had read earlier in the morning.  Now the story was not just the same old story we read every year, but a foundational story for the three Traditions, each understanding it in their own way - and in many ways - throughout the generations, including ours…

What impressed me the most was her ability to engage a large and diverse congregation of people who didn’t know what to expect. After speaking to members of the congregation, I found out that, like me, the presentation inspired them to make new connections and ask new questions regarding the story and it’s artistic expression. It was a wonderful choice to invite Emily to speak for many reasons, the most important was her - and her topic’s - ability to bring people together to think and to learn.

Emily is a dynamic, thoughtful, and knowledgeable presenter.  In the end, her excitement and insight became a positive part of the congregation’s experience of the day…and beyond.
— Rabbi Carolyn Braun, Temple Beth El, Portland, ME